Chul Christian Aamodt – Entrepreneur in Residence, BI

Chul Christian Aamodt holds a Master of Science degree from NTNU. He spent a year at the research organization SINTEF before joining the software company Mintra. He was part of the team that transformed Mintra from a startup into a global success, which was acquired for nearly 500 million NOK in 2014.

Aamodt also founded the media company enerWE, which merged with DN Media Group in 2021. He is currently one of the owners and part of the management team at Europower, a part of DN Media Group.

Aamodt has extensive experience as a board member and investor. He is a part of the board in Task Alliance and Onix. He has also invested in Onix, which in 2023 received a major investment of 80 million NOK from Viking Venture.

In 2024, he became a partner at Metrics Venture.

Aamodt works part-time as an Entrepreneur in Residence at BI and serves as a mentor for students at BI Startup.

If you are part of BI Startup, do not hesitate to contact Chul Christian Aamodt on Slack to book a mentoring session.


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